Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello, puppets pets and pawns - your Hypnotic Domme has been exceptionally busy lately. Chicago was a GREAT time, and I've returned really energized about my trance work, my sites, my sessions, and my creative flow!

Some of you were kind enough to send lovely little presents and tributes to me in the days leading up to my trip and since my return - you know who you are and what you did! Mwah.

For those who are dying to make me smile for not a ton of hard cold cash outlay, paying a little to feature me on MYFLIRTSTORE keeps me winning the popularity contests and may cause me to win a new iphone. So do it, why not?

Now of course there's a new trance out, too. I think you'll like this - there's a preview video and all the information you need about it here:

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This is a new, experimental file, and it's already gotten some really great responses in preview.

than deal with any one specific fetish hot button, I've used language
to create an atmosphere in which you are made uneasy, scrutinized,
seduced, needled for secrets and personal thoughts, lulled into deeper
trance, and essentially mindfucked. There are bondage and blackmail
overtones, but they're just that. Really it's quite unusual, even by my
standards, but I think it has the potential to excite the most deviant
boys long after listening.


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Last but SO not least, new photos. Need I say more?

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