Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hypno Fetish brainwashing mp3 - FemDom hypnosis

Now you can sleep with me. Not like that, pervert - like this!

This is a beautiful slow and repetitive hypnotic mp3 – a long-induced brainwashing clip meant to be listened to falling asleep – the quiet wind down and the delicate whisper tracks belie a harsh truth – listening to this will soften your mind to my voice. Listening to this will leave you aching to submit to my voice. Listening to this will leave you weak and suggestible to my voice.

DO NOT USE if you have a history of seizures, epilepsy, heart conditions or psychiatric treatment. Do not use heavy machinery or drive while or right after listening. Use common sense and enjoy.


Friday, November 19, 2010

A NEW Femdom audio

NEW - get the "Don't Touch My Junk" traveler's assignment today! Stick it to the man - or at least get it stuck to you Stern Style

Are you a road warrior? Do you have more airline miles than you know what to do with and are all your shoes slip offs because you have to take them off each day for inspection?

If you're going to get fucked by the government, I might as well get in on the act: special instructions for traveling corporate whores lie within – get 'em now.

I promise that carrying out this assignment will not get you arrested or publicized if you follow it to the letter – I in no way endorse fucking with the TSA, they're nuts.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Jerk off Instruction Mp3

DIABOLICAL JOI - feel-bad MEAN jack off for me
You are a complete loser and your only redemption is to click my tribute buttons and wishlists while you rub your dick. This is a 15 minute AUDIO MP3. Find out how totally ADDICTIVE my audio stories are!

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Size: 9 MB
Format: MP3
Added: 11/08/10 06:10:56 PM

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This mp3 will go for the jugular of your self-respect – while you jerk off according to my instructions and while subject to my total derision – you will hear how useless, awkward, and sexually disposable you are – heading toward a big finish. Big for my wallet as well as for you!

Financial Domination, JOI, Jerk off instruction, Humiliation, Verbal Abuse

15 minutes of fantastic

A lot of men have a fetish for Jerk-Off-Instruction, sometimes abbreviated JOI - this is a fetish wherein a woman controls a man's masturbation down to the pace and length of stroke! Sometimes jerk off instruction will blend with CBT or cock and ball torture - sometimes I make my sissies jerk off without taking off their panties (rough after a while) - once I made a slave jerk off with a piece of astroturf - OW. But for a lot of guys just the idea of having a woman telling them how to stroke, when to stroke, and if they can finish stroking or if they have to keep jerking off even for hours on end - sometimes this is exciting enough - so exciting it's just impossible not to blow your load thinking about it!

The best Jack off Instruction is often one on one with a phone Dominatrix who enjoys using your weakness for masturbation as a way to torment and control her males - but there are lots of mean Princesses online who use clips as a means of instructing their sissies and losers in jacking off in humiliating and embarrassing ways.

It's easy to find a humiliating young domme who can take over your masturbation completely - reminding you that a compulsive stroke puppet is what you really are.

Experience the ultimate indulgence - phone domination for the thinking man

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Financial Domination

Financial Domination is a very controversial fetish - a lot of fetishists and lifestyle BDSM people feel that it's a scam and that a financial slave is being duped into parting with his cash, but I don't think anything could be further from the truth.

If someone is deliberately paying being told he is getting NOTHING then he either has a fetish for paying money (not inconceivable in a world that contains something as pointless as furries, is it?) or he is paying for a completely intangible value.

There is no more stupidity in paying a HIGH END FINANCIAL DOMINATRIX than there is in buying a Porsche. There's really no good reason to do either. Any car that runs will get you from point A to point B and any free picture of a cute girl will get your balls drained.

A pay pet, like a Porsche driver, has needs that exceed the simple exchange of "I pay you you beat me, this hard and here only" which most professional "Domination" consists of. A pay slave is, in fact, a REAL chattel SLAVE more so than most lifestyle slaves who lay claim to the mantle.

If slavery is, in fact, the exploitation of labor without pay to the laborer, then Financial Domination is much more M/s than the overcomplicated and emotionally fraught M/s that you find in the BDSM lifestyle.

A financial fetishist shows the inclination to slavery - slavery as defined by capital and not sexual capital only.

I, myself, have an ongoing interest in both the emotional/psychological lifestyle enmeshed form of slavery AND pure, brutal, simple financial slavery. Financial Domination is a subset of the fetishes that I enjoy and indulge in without apology. I would make no apology for my boot worship or disciplinary caning fetishes - and this, to me, is really no different.

But isn't it preying on people, the emotionally weak? The vulnerable?

I invite people to consider the entire existence of the M/f BDSM scene. Isn't male Dominance and any and all scene pertaining to it, preying on women brainwashed by a lifetime of sexist conditioning and myth?

Isn't there something damaged and broken about any woman who would submit to a male willingly?

Or is it time to treat bottoms and submissives as the choice making adults they are? Whether male or female, whether paying or offering themselves sexually?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sissy Says:

"When I fly out there I'm going to refuse to go through the x-ray
"because I'm concerned about radiation" and force them to group my
little pink panties."

My sissy's blog - left wing politics and femdom fun

<--- kinkette's halloween costume.

NEW photos for Halloween

I've gotten an invite to a very hot women only sex party for Halloween – it seems like forever since I’ve gone to one of these things, but this one has a few key personalities at it that I’ve been lusting after for a long time. Want to peek at what I’ll be wearing?

Don’t worry, it starts late and so I’ll be taking calls that evening too – whipping some guy will get me sufficiently fluffed for sapphic fun!

A risque seven photo set in a FLASH gallery format, in which I’m sporting a masquerade costume of Odile from swan lake – with a very vintage peep show/eyes wide shut feel. Mask, feathers, dark sensibility, very pretty and moody set.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Voice Sample - a FREE message to you

Want to hear a sample of my voice? Eliminate a little of the mystery with a click on this little mp3 message to you:

Fap of the Day - Vintage Porn

File this under: things I like. There's something so classic and so suggestive about vintage erotica. While these pictures may not show everything, the stories they suggest and the eroticism they hint at is absolutely thrilling, in my opinion.

These images are on the understated side, and at Vintage Cuties not all of the images are this old or this implicit - some are very explicit by any standards - it's just nice to see all of the natural and unenhanced bodies, the soft seductive curves, the fetish laoded vintage fashion, sure to excite anyone who loves vintage fully fashioned stockings as much as I do -

so if you are also a sucker for class and taste in your fap-fodder, you should definitely visit Vintage Cuties.

There's even a free week promotion going on - I did it, aren't you going to?

About Phone Domination Sessions - Kinds of Phone Domme Sessions

All Phone Dommes are not the same. There are many different ways to go about getting a Phone Domination session that brings home the flavor of FemDom that you need.

Let's say you've never made a call to a FemDom before. What are your options as a submissive male?

1. Dispatch services.

Dispatch services have been around since the dawn of phone sex, and you are probably familiar with the way that they work if you've ever heard of phone sex at all. You call the service and talk to the dispatcher - the dispatcher matches you up with a girl who fulfills your request - right down to hair color. The problem is that the redhead 25 year old princess Domme you called this week is about to become a 35 year old West Indian shemale on the next call. A handful of actresses portray a cast of characters each. Some small services are literally staffed by one talented person doing 25 different routines.

There's nothing inherently evil or wrong about it, it's just a truth everyone turns a blind eye to and a fine suspension of disbelief - if being Dominated is just another hot flavor of fucking for you and you are as likely to want to spank a girl as you are to be spanked and sex is just a huge buffet, you might like dispatch services just perfectly. They're often less expensive, they're always there when you want them, and they get the job done. Kind of like Burger King.

2. Direct Dial solo girls.

Direct Dial solo phone sex operators often cater to the FemDom fetish. But there's often been something kind of nagging you at the back of your mind - does that photo have anything to do with the woman you are talking to? Is there something about the voice of that young brat princess Domme that suggests a woman considerably older, or is there something faltering in that posh English accent that suggests not everything is as it sounds?

This, again, isn't a problem for a lot of men. Phone is a fantasy for a lot of men and never anything more - but for some people there is a problem. I am one of these people.

You see for me, Female Dominance isn't a myth. It's not a fantasy escape from reality into some far-flung dream that has no bearing on reality - for me Female Dominance IS reality.

3. Professional or lifestyle, verifiable Dommes who provide phone sessions.
This category of Phone Dominatrix is able to draw on an extensive body of REAL experiences to lend credible and creative dimension to her phone sessions. She is experienced with a wide variety of fetishes or a certain fetish that she, herself, happens to engage in in REAL life and enjoy for her OWN reasons. The rates of Phone Dommes in this category are sometimes a little higher, just as seeing an indie Prodomme is usually a little more expensive than going to a House of Domination.

Another benefit of working one on one with a verifiably real Phone Domme is that she will have a larger cache of her own images or FemDom themed clips for sale on Niteflirt or her own femdom clips4sale store where you will be able to see images of the woman you talk to, the woman you confide in and confess to - your Fetish Goddess.

It's not every slave that needs Distance Domination with a real and verifiable Lifestyle Domme but for the man who is serious about his fetish needs, a man who needs intellectually stimulating conversation with a knowledgeable and serious female fetishist, a man who needs to know that his sexual superior is his intellectual equal (at least) there is an intelligent choice in FemDom phone sessions.

About a Fetish - Intellectual Discourse

One of my favorite pets is a man who selects literature for me, week in and out, doggedly finding bits of writing that amuse me or remind him of me - literature that touches on themes of powerful women, erotica that is inspired by femme fatales and cruel muses.

Words are very important. Words are the implements in my arsenal as a phone Dominatrix - just the same way that leather and wood and rope are the arsenal in my REAL TIME play with my submissive pet. They can be just as savage, just as delicate, just as expertly employed to enslave a man and make him just that much more - mine.

In The Singing Detective Dennis Potter's main character asks his ex wife what the most beautiful word in English is. She thinks for a moment and says something romantic like "rose" or "love." "It's elbow," he offers. "Elbow."

An unexpected sensitivity to language leaves my puppets chewing on my words long after the end of a session, brings them back to my feet, just like my real time pets crave my particular touch with the cane or with hemp rope.

The bottom line is that cruelty is a kind of artistry. And that the fetish for words - is underrated and cannot be left out in a discussion of Domination sessions on the phone.

About Phone Domination Sessions - Why call Phone Dommes?

What exactly is a phone Domme session and why do so many guys choose to talk to a Dominatrix on the phone?

Phone Domination is a connection over the phone in which the caller (usually male) and the Domme (woman or TG female in charge of the encounter and in charge of the direction it will take) explore the ideas of Female Dominance and male submission in a zero-contact, but often very psychologically intense way.

Because a phone call limits the participants to voice, words, ideas, and sounds - the parameters of the session are as wide as the imagination, but still narrowed down to the medium itself.

There are all kinds of reasons male submissives choose phone sessions. Sometimes a male is between relationships that were BDSM or Fetish relationships with a Domme and he misses this kind of exchange. Sometimes a male submissive is on the road a lot and can't immerse himself in the BDSM scene in any one location. Sometimes a male is horny and between professional Domme sessions or hasn't got the time to visit the Dungeon. Many men are married, who turn to phone dommes because their wives are often submissive women themselves who can't understand or fulfill the emotional fetish needs of the caller - however phone domination is usually a safe and less endangering way to express these needs than going outside the marriage in daily life. Sometimes a phone submissive really is so socially awkward that he has no other options - but this stereotype of men who call phone sex is the exception and not the rule.

It's a common fantasy of a humiliation fetish phone slave that he is so lame and so sexually awkward that he has to pay to talk to a woman, but the statistics don't bear it out that this is the only kind of man to call a phone Dominatrix.

The fact is that a lot of men have fantasies about different levels and different types of FemDom encounters - and not all men who call a phone Domme are calling for the fantasy of a woman who is always dressed in leather always scowling and dissatisfied, and always eager to use her whip. A lot of men call a phone Dominatrix simply because it's assumed in the heterosexual mainstream that the man has to do the pursuing, has to control the sexual encounter, and has to call the shots and decide what will be done.

A lot of men call a Phone Domme because they are intelligent and rational and creative men with healthy sexual appetites who have always been curious about the feeling of being swept up in a sexual encounter - of being pursued - of NOT being the person in charge for a change. A call to a Phone Domme is a chance to sample this feeling without judgement and without risk - a Phone Domme is a woman who either has the fantasy herself of being in charge and pursuing and captivating the men around her or someone who can convincingly indulge this fantasy.

Just as men call for Phone Domination for many different reasons and with many different fetish interests, women who provide phone domination sessions are diverse and do so for many different reasons.

We will talk more about the different types of Phone Dommes in this post.

The stereotypes about powerful men who have a lot of decisions and a lot of responsibilities on their plate and desire a release from authority often do hold water - a lot of men who call for Phone Domination hold positions of authority and control in their daily life. Phone Domme sessions have a cathartic quality and keep these men feeling balanced.