Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hypno Fetish brainwashing mp3 - FemDom hypnosis

Now you can sleep with me. Not like that, pervert - like this!

This is a beautiful slow and repetitive hypnotic mp3 – a long-induced brainwashing clip meant to be listened to falling asleep – the quiet wind down and the delicate whisper tracks belie a harsh truth – listening to this will soften your mind to my voice. Listening to this will leave you aching to submit to my voice. Listening to this will leave you weak and suggestible to my voice.

DO NOT USE if you have a history of seizures, epilepsy, heart conditions or psychiatric treatment. Do not use heavy machinery or drive while or right after listening. Use common sense and enjoy.


Friday, November 19, 2010

A NEW Femdom audio

NEW - get the "Don't Touch My Junk" traveler's assignment today! Stick it to the man - or at least get it stuck to you Stern Style

Are you a road warrior? Do you have more airline miles than you know what to do with and are all your shoes slip offs because you have to take them off each day for inspection?

If you're going to get fucked by the government, I might as well get in on the act: special instructions for traveling corporate whores lie within – get 'em now.

I promise that carrying out this assignment will not get you arrested or publicized if you follow it to the letter – I in no way endorse fucking with the TSA, they're nuts.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Jerk off Instruction Mp3

DIABOLICAL JOI - feel-bad MEAN jack off for me
You are a complete loser and your only redemption is to click my tribute buttons and wishlists while you rub your dick. This is a 15 minute AUDIO MP3. Find out how totally ADDICTIVE my audio stories are!

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Size: 9 MB
Format: MP3
Added: 11/08/10 06:10:56 PM

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This mp3 will go for the jugular of your self-respect – while you jerk off according to my instructions and while subject to my total derision – you will hear how useless, awkward, and sexually disposable you are – heading toward a big finish. Big for my wallet as well as for you!

Financial Domination, JOI, Jerk off instruction, Humiliation, Verbal Abuse

15 minutes of fantastic

A lot of men have a fetish for Jerk-Off-Instruction, sometimes abbreviated JOI - this is a fetish wherein a woman controls a man's masturbation down to the pace and length of stroke! Sometimes jerk off instruction will blend with CBT or cock and ball torture - sometimes I make my sissies jerk off without taking off their panties (rough after a while) - once I made a slave jerk off with a piece of astroturf - OW. But for a lot of guys just the idea of having a woman telling them how to stroke, when to stroke, and if they can finish stroking or if they have to keep jerking off even for hours on end - sometimes this is exciting enough - so exciting it's just impossible not to blow your load thinking about it!

The best Jack off Instruction is often one on one with a phone Dominatrix who enjoys using your weakness for masturbation as a way to torment and control her males - but there are lots of mean Princesses online who use clips as a means of instructing their sissies and losers in jacking off in humiliating and embarrassing ways.

It's easy to find a humiliating young domme who can take over your masturbation completely - reminding you that a compulsive stroke puppet is what you really are.

Experience the ultimate indulgence - phone domination for the thinking man

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Financial Domination

Financial Domination is a very controversial fetish - a lot of fetishists and lifestyle BDSM people feel that it's a scam and that a financial slave is being duped into parting with his cash, but I don't think anything could be further from the truth.

If someone is deliberately paying being told he is getting NOTHING then he either has a fetish for paying money (not inconceivable in a world that contains something as pointless as furries, is it?) or he is paying for a completely intangible value.

There is no more stupidity in paying a HIGH END FINANCIAL DOMINATRIX than there is in buying a Porsche. There's really no good reason to do either. Any car that runs will get you from point A to point B and any free picture of a cute girl will get your balls drained.

A pay pet, like a Porsche driver, has needs that exceed the simple exchange of "I pay you you beat me, this hard and here only" which most professional "Domination" consists of. A pay slave is, in fact, a REAL chattel SLAVE more so than most lifestyle slaves who lay claim to the mantle.

If slavery is, in fact, the exploitation of labor without pay to the laborer, then Financial Domination is much more M/s than the overcomplicated and emotionally fraught M/s that you find in the BDSM lifestyle.

A financial fetishist shows the inclination to slavery - slavery as defined by capital and not sexual capital only.

I, myself, have an ongoing interest in both the emotional/psychological lifestyle enmeshed form of slavery AND pure, brutal, simple financial slavery. Financial Domination is a subset of the fetishes that I enjoy and indulge in without apology. I would make no apology for my boot worship or disciplinary caning fetishes - and this, to me, is really no different.

But isn't it preying on people, the emotionally weak? The vulnerable?

I invite people to consider the entire existence of the M/f BDSM scene. Isn't male Dominance and any and all scene pertaining to it, preying on women brainwashed by a lifetime of sexist conditioning and myth?

Isn't there something damaged and broken about any woman who would submit to a male willingly?

Or is it time to treat bottoms and submissives as the choice making adults they are? Whether male or female, whether paying or offering themselves sexually?