Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About a Fetish - Intellectual Discourse

One of my favorite pets is a man who selects literature for me, week in and out, doggedly finding bits of writing that amuse me or remind him of me - literature that touches on themes of powerful women, erotica that is inspired by femme fatales and cruel muses.

Words are very important. Words are the implements in my arsenal as a phone Dominatrix - just the same way that leather and wood and rope are the arsenal in my REAL TIME play with my submissive pet. They can be just as savage, just as delicate, just as expertly employed to enslave a man and make him just that much more - mine.

In The Singing Detective Dennis Potter's main character asks his ex wife what the most beautiful word in English is. She thinks for a moment and says something romantic like "rose" or "love." "It's elbow," he offers. "Elbow."

An unexpected sensitivity to language leaves my puppets chewing on my words long after the end of a session, brings them back to my feet, just like my real time pets crave my particular touch with the cane or with hemp rope.

The bottom line is that cruelty is a kind of artistry. And that the fetish for words - is underrated and cannot be left out in a discussion of Domination sessions on the phone.

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