Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About Phone Domination Sessions - Kinds of Phone Domme Sessions

All Phone Dommes are not the same. There are many different ways to go about getting a Phone Domination session that brings home the flavor of FemDom that you need.

Let's say you've never made a call to a FemDom before. What are your options as a submissive male?

1. Dispatch services.

Dispatch services have been around since the dawn of phone sex, and you are probably familiar with the way that they work if you've ever heard of phone sex at all. You call the service and talk to the dispatcher - the dispatcher matches you up with a girl who fulfills your request - right down to hair color. The problem is that the redhead 25 year old princess Domme you called this week is about to become a 35 year old West Indian shemale on the next call. A handful of actresses portray a cast of characters each. Some small services are literally staffed by one talented person doing 25 different routines.

There's nothing inherently evil or wrong about it, it's just a truth everyone turns a blind eye to and a fine suspension of disbelief - if being Dominated is just another hot flavor of fucking for you and you are as likely to want to spank a girl as you are to be spanked and sex is just a huge buffet, you might like dispatch services just perfectly. They're often less expensive, they're always there when you want them, and they get the job done. Kind of like Burger King.

2. Direct Dial solo girls.

Direct Dial solo phone sex operators often cater to the FemDom fetish. But there's often been something kind of nagging you at the back of your mind - does that photo have anything to do with the woman you are talking to? Is there something about the voice of that young brat princess Domme that suggests a woman considerably older, or is there something faltering in that posh English accent that suggests not everything is as it sounds?

This, again, isn't a problem for a lot of men. Phone is a fantasy for a lot of men and never anything more - but for some people there is a problem. I am one of these people.

You see for me, Female Dominance isn't a myth. It's not a fantasy escape from reality into some far-flung dream that has no bearing on reality - for me Female Dominance IS reality.

3. Professional or lifestyle, verifiable Dommes who provide phone sessions.
This category of Phone Dominatrix is able to draw on an extensive body of REAL experiences to lend credible and creative dimension to her phone sessions. She is experienced with a wide variety of fetishes or a certain fetish that she, herself, happens to engage in in REAL life and enjoy for her OWN reasons. The rates of Phone Dommes in this category are sometimes a little higher, just as seeing an indie Prodomme is usually a little more expensive than going to a House of Domination.

Another benefit of working one on one with a verifiably real Phone Domme is that she will have a larger cache of her own images or FemDom themed clips for sale on Niteflirt or her own femdom clips4sale store where you will be able to see images of the woman you talk to, the woman you confide in and confess to - your Fetish Goddess.

It's not every slave that needs Distance Domination with a real and verifiable Lifestyle Domme but for the man who is serious about his fetish needs, a man who needs intellectually stimulating conversation with a knowledgeable and serious female fetishist, a man who needs to know that his sexual superior is his intellectual equal (at least) there is an intelligent choice in FemDom phone sessions.

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