Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About Phone Domination Sessions - Why call Phone Dommes?

What exactly is a phone Domme session and why do so many guys choose to talk to a Dominatrix on the phone?

Phone Domination is a connection over the phone in which the caller (usually male) and the Domme (woman or TG female in charge of the encounter and in charge of the direction it will take) explore the ideas of Female Dominance and male submission in a zero-contact, but often very psychologically intense way.

Because a phone call limits the participants to voice, words, ideas, and sounds - the parameters of the session are as wide as the imagination, but still narrowed down to the medium itself.

There are all kinds of reasons male submissives choose phone sessions. Sometimes a male is between relationships that were BDSM or Fetish relationships with a Domme and he misses this kind of exchange. Sometimes a male submissive is on the road a lot and can't immerse himself in the BDSM scene in any one location. Sometimes a male is horny and between professional Domme sessions or hasn't got the time to visit the Dungeon. Many men are married, who turn to phone dommes because their wives are often submissive women themselves who can't understand or fulfill the emotional fetish needs of the caller - however phone domination is usually a safe and less endangering way to express these needs than going outside the marriage in daily life. Sometimes a phone submissive really is so socially awkward that he has no other options - but this stereotype of men who call phone sex is the exception and not the rule.

It's a common fantasy of a humiliation fetish phone slave that he is so lame and so sexually awkward that he has to pay to talk to a woman, but the statistics don't bear it out that this is the only kind of man to call a phone Dominatrix.

The fact is that a lot of men have fantasies about different levels and different types of FemDom encounters - and not all men who call a phone Domme are calling for the fantasy of a woman who is always dressed in leather always scowling and dissatisfied, and always eager to use her whip. A lot of men call a phone Dominatrix simply because it's assumed in the heterosexual mainstream that the man has to do the pursuing, has to control the sexual encounter, and has to call the shots and decide what will be done.

A lot of men call a Phone Domme because they are intelligent and rational and creative men with healthy sexual appetites who have always been curious about the feeling of being swept up in a sexual encounter - of being pursued - of NOT being the person in charge for a change. A call to a Phone Domme is a chance to sample this feeling without judgement and without risk - a Phone Domme is a woman who either has the fantasy herself of being in charge and pursuing and captivating the men around her or someone who can convincingly indulge this fantasy.

Just as men call for Phone Domination for many different reasons and with many different fetish interests, women who provide phone domination sessions are diverse and do so for many different reasons.

We will talk more about the different types of Phone Dommes in this post.

The stereotypes about powerful men who have a lot of decisions and a lot of responsibilities on their plate and desire a release from authority often do hold water - a lot of men who call for Phone Domination hold positions of authority and control in their daily life. Phone Domme sessions have a cathartic quality and keep these men feeling balanced.

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